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These and other resources were of immense help in constructing the FAQ:

12.1 Books
All About Coffee by William Ukers
The Basics of Brewing Coffee by SCAA Executive Director Ted Lingle.
Caffeine edited by Gene A. Spiller
The Coffee Cuppers' Handbook by Ted Lingle
Coffee Makers: 300 Years of Art and Design by Edward and Joan Bramah
Home Coffee Roasting: Romance & Revival by Kenneth Davids

12.2 Links

The alt.coffee newsgroup Newsreader or Google Groups required; also, read: The Basics of Usenet
Badgett's Coffee eJournal News and articles about coffee
Bread Coffee Chocolate Yoga  
CocoJava Articles and links about coffee and chocolate
CoffeeCrew Tutorials and consumer reviews of coffee and espresso equipment.
CoffeeCuppers.com Green coffee reviews
CoffeeGeek Consumer and site reviews of equipment, how-tos, and forums
The Coffee Research Institute  
The Coffee Review Kenneth Davids' coffee reviews
Ed Needham's Home Roaster site Articles centered around home coffee roasting
"Espresso! My Espresso!" "Documenting one man's journey into and through the world of coffee."
HV's pages Guide to vacuum coffee pots and a vast collection of coffee-related links
The SCAA The Specialty Coffee Association of America (the definitive source for coffee info)

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Cea and Bob Smith of Smithfarms
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